I am living this Sunday for the 2nd time. TRIPPY

This was one of the weirdest days of my life, honestly this is a very weird story- you have been warned. Not weird like creepy, but like “wtf is she doin?”. I am still like how the heck did this happen, basically I went an entire day believing it was Sunday… when it wasn’t, it was Saturday. Me thinking its Sunday, I treated it like SUNDAY. I know I know, thats so stupid but time really fcked with me head this weekend

Lets start from Friday Night…

So on Friday night I get a job opportunity for one night only as a bartender in a popular London club, I say “YES” I am so down (I have the experience). Anyway this job finished late so I got home around 5 am. Classic me, I get home change into comfy clothes and roll a joint. While smoking I am watching Rupauls Drag Race, the new episode S11 E12 at 5;30 am probs. This keeps going till around 8 am where I fall asleep. I wake up at 4:30pm the next day in my head I am like “Its cool, its Sunday”(I am arab, I sleep alot). Let me tell you why I woke up at 4:30pm, I was having an amazing dream containing a very fit guy that became MY guy and he was the sweetest and sexiest thang ever xx I can fall back asleep easily when I want to and put my head to a certain thought and then can continue dreaming about it. Like a mini series, every time I woke up a little it was a break before going into the next episode.

I get out of bed and have my “Morning” Tea and cigarette before going about my “Sunday”. I put some clothes In the wash, go get food and drinks and pick up goods from my dealer. Sunday is my day of the Rota to clean our kitchen, so every Sunday I take the bins out, clean the surfaces, sweep and you get the idea. So waking up late, I am like fuck I need to do the kitchen its Sunday evening already. So I do that.

After that I get a call from my agency that provided me with the club job the night before. I get a WhatsApp text of the job before I get a chance to see it, they’re calling me- BTW I was on the toilet at this time , so this is how the convo goes :

Agency: Hey, we have a job for you tonight at another neighbouring club as last night its from 8pm till 3am, would you like it?”

Me: uhhhh, well its 7pm now so I doubt I’ll get there in time even if I tried, I live pretty far from the place. Also I am not sure I am keen on it finishing at 3am since I have University early tomorrow on Monday.

Agency: Well what time would you be able to get there by if you want we can arrange something, unless you really think you’ll be unable to do it because of University.

Me: hmm, yeah I doubt I will be able to make it so I think I’ll leave it this time purely because I don’t want to work that late on a Sunday. But Thank you so much for letting me know

Agency: Okay, thats fine. Speak to you later bye!

Me: bye.. bye..

Hangs up

I made the right decision, I couldn’t work till 3am before a Uni day like thats so irresponsible. *sighs heavily*. HE DID NOT TELL ME I WAS WRONG AND I SWEAR I TRULY BELIEVED EVERYTHING I SAID. There was no doubt in my mind that it wasn’t Sunday.

After that, my friend comes over and we get high while watching the James Charles “no more lies” video and updating ourselves with the new TEA. This goes on from 9pm till Late.

How I found out it was Sunday…

At 12:10am My friend/flatmate comes home all excited, she tells me a guy she’s seeing is coming over and I am so syked for her! So we were in the kitchen Me, her and our other flatmate discussing the whole thing. This is when my friend says ” Is what am doing crazy right now because its so late?” (In my Head I am like Its Sunday WTF maybe bad idea. Not that Sunday sex is bad but its looooong because you have Monday early the next day) Anyway, my other flatmate the says ” Noo, Its a Saturday night of course not”. What????????????????????????????????????????????? I look at my Phone it says 12:23am and underneath it says Sunday. It took me a MINUTE to understand WTF just happened. My Sunday had just RESTARTED at 12 am. Like how? is this Groundhog Day? really how? I was looking at my phone all day, I saw Saturday on my phone SUBCONSCIOUSLY probably but never consciously grasped that it was Saturday. Its so annoying because if I knew it was Saturday I would have taken the job that night, which I missed out on so FUN. If I knew it was a Saturday I would have treated it like a Saturday.

I think because I was working late the night before which felt like a Saturday because it was a club night. Or maybe that ONE joint I had at 6 am. But honestly I don’t know how the hell I missed a day in my life. I can’t get that Saturday back which feels really weird. I mean I’ve wasted days before where I consciously knew I was procrastinating my way through a whole week lol. Or if I believe its a Wednesday but its Tuesday, it usually maybe lasts for a few hours before someone says its Tuesday bitch or I see my Calendar. But this went unnoticed the whole day which I find HORRIFYING.

ALSO, i was like ” I am going to post my blog tomorrow “Monday” since I am posting 6 days a week excluding Sunday”. But now I am posting this on a Sunday since I am having 2.

Bitch I TRIPPED but At least now I have another Sunday Chill day. lol my weekend consisted of Sunday X 2 whats better than that.

Lots of Love from

Not Your Arab Girl x

Let me know you have a trip story that you couldn’t explain!

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