My 2nd Worst Tinder Date

You still aren’t prepared for my 1st worst tinder date story so lets start with the 2nd. So me and this guy matched on tinder, this was my 2nd or 3rd tinder date ever so I was still new to the game. He was American and he came to London for a work opportunity. We met up for drinks in this local bar and the date begins! He buys the first round of drinks and says ” The 2nd round is on you” and hereee we fucking go. Mate I would’ve offered to pay the 2nd round anyway (I really hate it when a guy tells me what to do) its like me saying on a first date, You have to pay because you’re the guy.

Anyway I move past this and we go to the table and start having a conversation. From this point I decided I don’t like American guys, its just the accent- it pisses me off. An American accent on a guy just sounds kinds gay ( Not that there nothing wrong with that) but I like a guy thats manly, and the accent just deducted from his manliness. Anyway, I move past it and carry on with the date. He was sweet, shy and nice which I appreciated.

The bar we were in was closing, so we left to another one. This new bar had music and a little area where people were dancing. We grab drinks and go to a high stool table and continue from there. I don’t know how but we got up next to our table and started swaying to the music slowly getting closer to each other. So, we’re dancing very close to each other and holding onto each other lightly. He leans in for a kiss… but he pulls back and again and again and again. Do you get that? because I didn’t fucking get it, are you trying to be a tease? yeah I get it the first two times but my man is doing it like its a game. honestly when he leaned in again I couldn’t be asked so I left it. Until he finally decided I was worth kissing, so I kissed him back because I am a nice person. In-between the kisses he did that teasing thing again WHICH IS SO ANNOYING, IT ISN’T SEXY, I AM CONFUSED, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ANYYYYWAAYYYY…. we continue to dance to the music and then this guy has the audacity touch my hair. BTW I am not one of them girls that are like ” Don’t touch my hair” I don’t mind when someone asks to touch it because I have these beautiful big curls that liked to be bounced. So if a guy plays with my hair, pulling a curlette (Thats a word now) or running his hands smoothly, thats COOL. Let me tell you what this brother did, with both hands he reaches behind my neck and runs his hands in my scalp moving them upwards. ?????????. I was like wtf, it wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t hot he gave me a weird scalp massage that I didn’t ask for and didn’t want.

You think it ends there? no. ANYYYWAYYYY… that was my put off tbh, it was weird. He walks me home, gives me goodnight kiss and we part ways. Later that night he texts me “Hey, I had alot of fun tonight. I think you have earned my number by now 07864******” what? huh? how? earned your number? are you serious? are you for real?. I text him back with the summary of you’re a great guy but I just didn’t feel a connection. he replies back with ” Really? I have been on 25 dates this year and you are the one I connected with the most (Me: Yeah connected with my hair mate) I don’t know what went wrong but can I ask for some feedback or constructive criticism, always trying to improve.

*SIGHS HEAVILY* really dude? reaaallly? you ask your tinder dates for constructive criticism. This isn’t an exam or an evalution BUT I AM GLAD YOU ASKED. I Then went on to point out all the things that pissed me off and how he was confusing when trying to kiss me and how the hair move was weird.

He didn’t reply. I am not surprised. Six months later or so he messeges me on tinder with ” Wanna come over tonight? have some wine I won’t be able to finish on my own”

I unmatched him then and that was that.

Lots of love from x

Not Your Arab Girl x

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