How I started my period during my First Brazilian wax.

So.. I had decided to finally do it, finally take the step into becoming a proper woman/ adult (All women that have their shit together get a Brazilian wax right?) well thats what I think anyway. So I ditched the razors and shaving because funnily enough I am DONE with that. Like I’d shave and get regrowth not 12 hours later (Perks of being Arab -yay!!) Also, a wax done by another woman on you is forbidden in Islamic teachings because another woman cannot see another woman genitals. So if a woman wanted to wax, she had to do it herself which was NO WAY gonna happen to me lol. So I made an appointment at a 4.9 star salon in my area, I reschedule like twice due to how nervous I was. Anyyyyway… I get there and I meet “Lora” whose about to rip the hair out of my vagina. She takes me into this gorgeously decorated room and leaves me to undress and get ready. Before I strip I take a quick snap of the room and breathe into the front camera saying how nervous I am and sending it to my friends with a caption “OMFG SO NERVOUS”. She comes back in and asks me to lay on the bed, so I do that. Lora was very sweet and kind, we had. conversation and I told her its my first time so I am very nervous.

I done my fair research before going there and all the women online have said how painful and scarring the experience was, so I didn’t go in with high hopes. Lora starts explaining why she uses Hot wax in compared to strip wax, she says its hurts much less and gets a better coverage. I am listening to her nodding and agreeing while my stomach sinks to the ground every-time I remember what the hell I am doing. She asks me to open my legs, feet together and knees apart ( Such a weird position) and I am instantly uncomfortable but I keep reminding myself ” Girl, she’s seen more than 100 vaginas, you’re okay”. So she starts putting the wax on me while we’re having a conversation and then she pulls the wax of and guess what… it wasn’t that bad. No, it wasn’t I didn’t scream or cry or feel like punching a pillow. I kept my calm and maintained the conversation with her every time she rips more hair out. Yes, I felt it but was it so painful I can’t speak? no, it was very manageable pain. lol actually I think threading my upper lip is way more painful than that. Then she asks me to turn around onto my stomach and I had to hold my ass cheeks open (That was hard lol). She grabs a tissue and wipes the area, I am thinking its probably moisture or discharge ( like that fine, it happens, again she’s seen over 100 vaginas).

Anyway, she does the final touches and tells me I am done and can get ready and meet her outside. I get up and take a full look at my fresh re vamp and I love it. I start to feel more discharge, so I grab a tissue and wipe myself before jumping into my clothes. the tissue comes back red instead of clear…. fuck… have I just started my period? or did she rip the hair so hard she cut me? I am literally panicking. I mean if she cut me she would have told me and apologised. So I am like, DID I JUST START MY PERIOD IN MY FIRST BRAZILIAN WAX SESSION? I throw the tissue in the bin and see more bloody tissues… oh yeah, she wiped me before waxing so she knows. but she didn’t tell me or anything, which I found so sincere and sweet because she didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. I gather my thoughts and belonging, say bye to her and leave the place. when I got home I realised that yes, it was my period. Way to go choosing a time Mother Nature, really spot on!!

P.S I was smooth for days upon days after that, so yes I have converted to the group of waxing women.

Lots of Love from

Not your Arab girl x

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