If you think this is a blog about an Arab woman fitting into society, you couldn’t be more wrong! I am far from that, i am everything your families are ashamed of and try to protect you from.

Not every Arab girl is born with a desire to please her parents, family, community, religion and culture. I wasn’t born that way, I was born rebellious, always getting into trouble, hiding secrets, lying and living a double life. But I’ve come to terms with that, because the way I choose to live my life makes me happy. That’s all that matters- that I am happy- and I hope you are too.

This blog is a space for cultural women that don’t want to be shamed for their action or fearful of judgment. Fuck judgment. If you came here to judge and tell me “I am going to hell” please pack your shit and leave xx

If you came here looking to find more women like you, then you’ve come to the right place. Arab Women that don’t fit into the societal standard of what an Arab girl should be. Since we were born, a plan has been set in place for us. Education, Cleaning, Cooking, Getting married and having a dozen kids. They constantly warn us not to defy from the plan, not to listen to strangers, not to be tempted, to always have your legs closed, to be shy, to be prude, to be “Girl like” but what if I get tempted? What if I don’t want to follow the route all 6 of my aunties had? What if I want to embrace who I am by trying to detach myself from cultural and religious stereotypes so I can know WHO I am?

I now know who I am and what I want because I defied from that set plan. I am sorry mom. There is no room for error in our society, one mistake and your reputation is tarnished forever. This is the reason most liberated Arab women live a double life, due to family shame and embarrassment.

Fuck that! Thats why I made this space so I can share all my non conventional stories that happen to me as a British Egyptian, without being judged or shamed for being myself and straying away from religion.

So… If you think this blog is for you, stay, have a read, grab a smoke, drink, snacks and lets spill all the stories we have hidden in our archives xx

Lots of love from

Not Your Arab girl x